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Each letter is a link to a PDF document. 

All reviews are grouped alphabetically by film title. (The words "The" and "A" are ignored when they are at the beginning of a title.) All the movies that begin with that letter are listed at the top of each page. You will have to scroll down to find the movie review that interests you. If a film begins with a number, it is filed as though the number were spelled out. For example, 500 Days Of Summer is filed under "F" as though the "500" were "Five Hundred." Numbered films are listed at the beginning of each document.


For several years, we didn't rate films we saw on DVD, Video of Cable because we hadn't seen them as the filmmakers intended.  Instead, we used the "Thumbs" System, and only included our "THUMBS UP" films in the Archives. However, we now grade all films regardless of where we see them. You will notice that we mention in the review if we have seen the movie on Cable or DVD or if we streamed the film.


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