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We Appreciate Our Readers' Views!

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Nathan B., Thailand

You have to go see Dune,  part 2 if you haven't. It was, in my opinion, the best scifi movie I have seen since Interstellar. 


Carol M., AZ

Many thanks; you saved me much miserable viewing. I had already seen Seinfeld's "movie"; yes, a great disappointment.

Hopefully, he will find another venue for his talents.


Pamela S. , NC

GREAT reviews as always! You both write so beautifully. Thanks, too, for warning us about certain films.


Mike B., AZ

Thank you


Isabel J. CA

Great issue of Movie Views!! We did not care for Unfrosted either. Been meaning to send a review for Civil War, but not quite sure what to say about it…


Holly V., IL

I saw a wonderful movie in a theater today--Young Woman and the Sea. It’s about Gertrude Ederle swimming the English Channel.  Very moving. I remember my father telling me about that day.  He was 15 at the time and he said the whole world was glued to their radios.   


Amy H., IN

Erik and I are really enjoying Hacks (on Max). Jean Smart is so awesome. I’ve also been listening to Julia Louis-Drefus’s podcast Wiser Than Me, which is really fun.


Denny G., FL

            Carousel - 1956 (rented on Prime):  It started with the song "June is Bustin' Out All Over" that I could not get out of my head!  It being June, and with the Tony Awards coming up, I wanted to see this wonderful movie version of the musical again.  It was exactly what I needed at the time, and I absolutely love to see/hear Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae - what a beautiful pair they make!     

            Scoop - 2024 (Netflix):  I did not happen to see the infamous interview with Prince Andrew in 2019, but was familiar with the subject matter more than I'd care to think about.  I thought the movie was engaging - cast was good, and Rufus Sewell stood out as Prince Andrew.  Kudos to McAlister who managed to secure the interview, and the Newsnight team who followed through.  Boy, the Prince sure managed to work his way around that one though (as I sat there shaking my head).   

            Class Action Park (2020 Documentary streamed on Max):  After being booted from Wall Street, Financier Gene Mulvihill created this crazy waterpark in the late 1970's in Vernon, NJ.  This documentary was fascinating, tragic as it was for some.  Poorly designed rides were built by unqualified, non-engineers which resulted in six deaths between 1980 & 1987 - thank God the park was closed in 1996! It was an "anything goes" kind of place, especially for teens who wanted freedom and a "no rules" environment.  There were interesting (and funny) interviews with various former guests of the park and employees - the whole thing is unbelievable.  Apparently it was even too nuts for Donald Trump who had considered possibly investing in the business.

            Re Tony’s: Watched the Tony's - was not familiar with any of these plays and musicals - they seem to be more unusual every year, don't they?  I had hoped Eddie Redmayne would win for Cabaret (I will always think of Joel Grey in that role though - can't imagine anyone topping his performance!), but it sounds as though Jonathan Groff was most deserving (and his speech was so gracious).  Will have to admit that I miss the musicals and plays from years ago though - just an old lady talking - I love what I grew up with!


Judy J., CA

           Selma  -  A movie about the march when Martin Luther King asked pastors to join him on the march to Selma.  A pastor from the Woodland Hills Church had joined the march. Also, the young unknown Martin Luther King Jr preached at the church and at a local high school.

             Last evening movie Pariah was about a young Black Lesbian who is coming to terms with her identity. It got a special award and was placed it the archives of good films. It is Pride Week at Merrill Gardens.


Art S., IN – Reviews

Went with a friend last night to see the new movie, Ghostlight. and it was very good--very moving and well-acted, well directed, with a good musical score. The movie moves along rather slowly, but building up tension along the way. Tempers flare, as you slowly come to understand what the movie is all about and how the sad events happened and why two families were still so caught up in the aftermath. The story was very original and you begin to understand more as the movie moves along about why people can't get over or start to recover from an awful event. The title is meant to be symbolic and you might look up the meaning after you see the movie and it will be more understandable. Tears may flow near the end, but they are needed for catharsis. A beautiful movie that was not well attended at the showing we saw, even though It has received good reviews.

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