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Martha C-B. AZ

John and I watched Together Together last night, I liked it but have to say I was wanting the happily ever after! But I liked seeing their relationship bloom. I would like to think they maybe got together after the baby. 😊


Art S. IN

            I wanted you to know I enjoyed your reviews, as usual.  The only movie I've seen recently is Those Who Wish Me Dead--nothing to rave about but not awful, either.  The cast was very good, but the story had tons of loose ends and was totally not believable.  Jolie and the teenager were both very good in their roles, but stunt doubles should take a lot of credit. 

            I was just reading an article about Kate Winslet and her new series, and I thought I'll put that on my list and ask you if you knew anything about it and then when I got home this afternoon, there were your Reviews.  I thought I'd like it and you confirmed that, but, alas, I don't have HBO, so will have to hunt around to see where and if I can watch it somewhere else. 


Holly VH. IL

            I saw I Remember Mama on Mother’s Day as well. And it was one of my favorite TV shows growing up.  It was on Friday nights and I still remember some of the episodes. But I only remember three children, not four.

            I loved Together Together! And I liked that they ended on an ambiguous note.

            OMG Just got home from seeing the Rita Moreno movie.  Wonderful movie about an extraordinary human being. Can’t wait to read your review.

 Carol M. AZ

I have to admire your courage for viewing August: Osage County again. I would have given it a higher rank when I saw it (maybe an A-), but not for love or money would I have watched it all the way through again. I did not have a sister, but it did not make me feel that I had missed out. Many thanks.


Denny G. FL

Thanks for the new issue!  Wow, I completely missed the boat on this one!  Will check out the recommendations - still anxious to see Minari, but don't particularly want to pay $20 for it (at some point, I could almost own it for that).  Have been finding all kinds of goodies (old movies and shows) on Tubi lately. 


Bruce M. CA

We have really been "captured" by a Netflix show named Heartland.  As you probably know it's about a family on a horse ranch in Alberta, Canada.  The story is well done and the acting is excellent but if you don't like horses, forget about it.  Let me know if you have found any really good long running serials we could pick up after Heartland.


Paul K IL

Nomadland is a fine movie. I enjoyed every minute of it. It deserved every award it received. Francis McDormand was awesome.

Grade A.


4th firecracker