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Pamela S. ID

Thanks so much Barb and Gary! GREAT as always!


Paul K. IL

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga: This is Will Ferrell’s spoof of this contest, in which he and a very pretty and sweet Rachel McAdams play a singing duo from Ireland who dream of winning the contest. It’s very funny and very well done. E.S.C. is a real contest and famous in Europe, not so much in the US. Abba won it very early in their career. Grade B+


Denny G. FL

Greetings From Tampa!  Hope all is still well on your side of the world - we're doing just fine here, so far.  I decided to check out some of your recommendations from this month's (July) issue.  Here goes:

            13TH:  This documentary is very much worth your time.  Even though many of us are aware of the horrors that have been going on for years and years, it was still shocking!  While I can't endorse some of the destructive behavior that has occurred over the last several weeks, I can honestly say that I have a better understanding of what is taking place and why.

            Larry Kramer in Love and Anger:  I think I've known Larry Kramer most of my adult life without realizing who he was.  Oh, the producer, the director, yadda yadda.  This is also a very important documentary to take in, heartbreaking as it is.  I sent my opinion of The Normal Heart (movie version) sometime within the last year, and it didn't connect - now it has!  It's all the more meaningful as I lost a very close friend to this horrible disease in '92.

            The Half of It:  Thought it was absolutely charming - I really liked this!  I recommended to one of my daughters who still lives at home - she hasn't mentioned seeing it yet - maybe one of these days.  Aren't these independent films fun?

            Empire of the Sun:  This will always get an "A" from me!  I love it, I own it.  I don't know how well it was received at the Box Office, but Bale is terrific (and obnoxious) in his break-out role.  One of the things I really enjoyed was being able to see things through Jim's eyes - Spielberg was always good at that - Jim's love (obsession with) of aircraft, his friendship with the Japanese boy.  I think it's a terrific movie - enough said.

            Hamilton:  I got to see this on Disney Plus!  It was filmed with the original cast in 2016 at the Richard Roger Theater in NY!  It was never on my "must see" list, but I must admit that it was very, very good!  My daughter, Casey, has waited to see ever since Day One, and was so excited when it was announced that it could be streamed beginning this month.  She had downloaded the music all those years ago, and loved it.  No matter that it wasn't live (even though there's nothing like live theater) - we feel quite lucky to have seen it period!


Art S. IN (From his FB timeline)

Tonight I went to Movies on Demand and watched a new film alone in my living room.  It was The Truth, starring Catherine Deneuve, Juliet Binoche, and Ethan Hawke.  It had some good lines but some of the subtitles were difficult to read because they were in too light a color on a colored screen. The story is about an aging actress who is starring in a new film being made but who has also just published a memoir called "The Truth" only it, like life, if full of lies, some little white lies and some much bigger.  The roles sort of mirror the roles in the film being made--mainly about a mother/daughter relationship, but also about other relationships, as well.  The acting has almost always come first, rather than parenthood, or marriage.  Deneuve has stretched the truth but also downright lied in the memoir and her daughter, a screenwriter who lives and works in Hollywood, wants to know why.  Deneuve says the truth is boring, but actually it isn't and the last few scenes are done really well and seem to be leading toward a reconciliation of mother and daughter and others, as well.  It was enjoyable, but would have been much more so on the big screen in a theater.