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The Big Door Prize: 2023 (Apple TV+) A small town is forever changed when a mysterious machine appears, promising to reveal everyone's true potential. Soon, residents start changing jobs, rethinking relationships and questioning long-held beliefs. Starring Chris O'Dowd.  (We stopped watching after the fourth episode. It got too crazy & boring for us, but maybe others will enjoy it.)

Citadel: 2023 (Included in Prime) The global spy agency Citadel has fallen and the memory of its agents has been erased. Now, the powerful Manticore crime syndicate is filling the power vacuum. Citadel agents must remember their past and find the strength to fight back. There are a lot of fisticuffs in the series, any one of which would leave the participants horribly injured of dead, but everyone bounces back in super spy condition. The series got only 52% from critics but 79% from audiences. We watched two episodes and will watch one more before recommending. After we watched the third episode, I said to Gary, “I don’t understand some of it, but it is exciting and I don’t fall asleep while watching it.” I think we will watch the entire series.

Fatal Attraction: 2023 (Prime with Paramount+) In 1987 the movie came out that kept married men at home with their wives for years. The movie with Glenn Close and Michael Douglass had its day, but the series today centers on what happened to the people involved. In this reimagining of the 1987 movie explores marriage and infidelity through the lens of modern attitudes toward strong women, personality disorders and coercive control. In this reboot, Lizzie Caplan is Alex Forrest who becomes obsessed after a tryst with married Dan Gallagher, who is played by Joshua Jackson. You might recognize Amanda Peet as Gallagher’s wife. You learn what harm happens to Gallagher’s family The series got a low critic’s score on Rotten Tomatoes, but we enjoyed the first episode. We will let you know. The 2nd episode was boring, so we stopped watching. NOT Recommended

Marie Antoinette: 2023 (PBS) Discover who Marie-Antoinette was, what she thought and what she felt. Far from the usual portrait of the selfish and superficial young queen, discover a modern and progressive woman who gave today's women the opportunity to be who they are. We watched season 1. There will a second season and we will watch it. Recommended


Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story: 2023 (Netflix) RT 93/85 Critics and audiences on Rotten Tomateos liked the story of the young queen's marriage to King George of England, giving it 93% from critics and 85% from audiences. The marriage ushered in an epic love story and transformed high society. Shonda Rhimes knows how to tell a story! It captivates both Gary and me. As of May 9th, Netflix has not yet renewed Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story for a second season. However, the immense interest and positive reception it received upon its release may influence its fate. We both hope so. Recommended


Tom Jones: 2023 (PBS) A reimagining of Henry Fielding's "The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling," and the tale about an illegitimate young man's love for an heiress. We didn’t care for this version of Tom Jones. It bored us. NOT Recommended.

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