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Episodes: 2011-2017 (Paramount+ with Showtime_ Matt LeBlanc stars in this comedy series as ...Matt LeBlanc. The former "Friends" actor stars as an actor who is cast in an American version of a couple's (Stephen Mangan & Tamsin Greig) British sitcom that is popular overseas. But, as the star, LeBlanc reworks the show into what turns out to be a terrible cliche, causing tension in the couple's marriage. Especially when Beverly (Greig) sleeps with LeBlanc! Kathleen Rose Perkins is wonderful as Carol Rance, assistant to the head of the Network, Merc Lapidus (John Pankow), with whom she’s having an affair. Diasy Haggard is funny as the head of programing,  We loved it when it was first on Showtime and we are loving this 3rd look at the series. (We watched it in 2020.)


Succession: 2018-2023 (Max) Although, he has no plans to step aside as the head of Waystar Royco, the international media conglomerate controlled by his family, aging patriarch Logan Roy is contemplating what the future holds. He has lingered in the limelight longer than even he thought he would, and now family members want to run the company as they see fit. Despite a best-laid succession plan, tempers flare over Logan's intentions. Kendall Roy, Logan's eldest son from his second marriage and a division president at the firm, is the heir apparent. As Kendall attempts to solidify his eventual takeover, he and the three other Roy children face a difficult choice as company control and family loyalties collide.


The Summer I Turned Pretty: 2022 (Prime Video) (There was a second season announced, but I had to start with season 1, because I couldn’t remember what happened in that season.) Synopsis: A girl is caught in a love triangle between two brothers as she deals with her first love and first heartbreak during the perfect summer. I liked the entire two seasons!

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