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The Great (2020 on Hulu) The “occasionally true” story of a genre-bending, anti-historical ride through 18th-century Russia following the wildly comedic rise of Catherine the Nothing to Catherine the Great. Starring an excellent Elle Fanning in the title role. Nicholas Hoult plays the comically insecure yet violent Peter with sly wit. We are looking forward to season two.


The Letdown (2016 on Netflix) New mother Audrey needs help with the new addition to her family, so she joins a support group for new parents. While attending meetings, she makes quirky friends who are facing their own challenges and life changes. Outside of the group, she seeks support from work-stressed partner Jeremy and even the neighborhood drug dealer. As Audrey navigates the learning curve that comes with motherhood, she deals with issues that include sleeplessness, the in-laws, shifting relationship dynamics and Jeremy's career ambitions.


Lovesick (2014-2018 on Netflix) Dylan, a 20-something romantic, has been intimate with a long list of women during his quest for true love. When he discovers that he has a sexually transmitted disease, Dylan must go back and contact everyone he has slept with to tell them about his diagnosis. Each time Dylan seeks out a different person from his contact list, the show flashes back to a defining moment in a relationship that he would prefer to forget. Friends Evie and Luke, who have been with Dylan through it all over the last decade, travel down memory lane with him.


Normal People (2020 on Hulu) Based on a novel by Sally Rooney, the story follows Marianne and Connell, from different backgrounds but the same small town in Ireland, as they weave in and out of each other's romantic lives and start to grow up. Daisey Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal and both terrific as Marianne and Connell. We like this series and hope for a second season, although,  nothing has been confirmed. Neither Hulu nor any of the show's creators have announced plans for a second season—and there's also the issue that the novel's plot was mostly used up by season one.


Six Feet Under (2020 on HBO Max) I decided to watch this series again, because I watched it when it was on TV the first time. Starring  Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall and Frances Conroy, the story follows the lives of the Fisher family who run an independent funeral home in Los Angeles. Rachel Griffiths appears as Brenda, Nate’s (Peter Krause) girfriend, and Jeremy Sisto is terrific as Brenda’s bi-polar brother. While David (Michael C. Hall) struggles with coming out of his self-imposed closet, and their mother, Ruth (Frances Conroy), faces widowhood and inventing a new life for herself. The writing is smart because Alan Ball (American Beauty) created the series. It is a compelling, superbly acted drama laced with considerable wit and poignancy. Each episode begins with a fresh corpse (including the clan's patriarch in the premiere), which usually has something to do with the ongoing dysfunction in and around the Fisher household. The series won several Emmys. The first episode aired in 2001 and the series ran for five seasons on HBO.

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