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We are still watching The Morning Show (Apple TV+) and enjoying it immensely. 


The Last Thing He Told Me: 2023 (Apple TV+) Hannah (Jennifer Garner) must forge a relationship with her 16-year-old stepdaughter, Bailey, to find the truth behind why her husband has mysteriously disappeared. Based on the book by Laura Dave. I read the book several years ago and recognized several scenes. Laura Dave and her husband were involved in the series. We watched the whole series and recommend it.


Lessons in Chemistry: 2023 (Apple TV+) Set in the early 1960s, Elizabeth Zott's dream of being a chemist is put on hold when she finds herself pregnant, alone, and fired from her lab. I loved the best-seller book! I wanted Elizabeth to be a real person so I could be her friend. A friend, who read the book and loved it, wanted to BE her! Not so much love for the series, though. We only watched 3 episodes, however, so I will reserve judgement.


Starstruck: 2021-2023 (MAX) RT 97/80. I watched the first two seasons, but a third season just dropped and I needed a refresher, so I started over with season one. Besides, Gary and I were looking for a half-hour comedy. Written by and starring Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning comedian, writer and actor Rose Matafeo, Starstruck follows the life of Jessie, a millennial who lives in East London. She juggles between her two jobs in order to afford the overpriced apartment that she shares with her best friend, Kate. A drunken New Year's Eve hook-up becomes far more complicated for Jessie when she discovers her one night stand is actually a film star; what she thought would become an amusing anecdote soon turns into something else. I watched the entire series and the ending was right on. Recommended


Wilderness:.2023 (Prime) A dream holiday becomes a nightmare for a young British couple who seemingly have it all, as heartbreak turns into fury and revenge. RT only gave this series 67% from critics and 61% from audiences, so we will probably get tired of it. It’s a one idea series. After watching 2 episodes, we got tired of it. Not recommended.

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