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AFTER LOVE 2020 (Streaming available on Prime Video for $2.99 rental) After Love is a British drama written and directed by Aleem Khan in his feature-length directorial debut. The film stars Joanna Scanlan, a British actress. Set in the port town of Dover, Mary Hussain (played by Scanlan) suddenly finds herself a widow following the unexpected death of her husband. Scanlan is better known in England (and virtually unknown here) for her comic roles on British TV shows so her performance as Mary, a timid grieving widow, represents a radical departure for her. The movie is a powerful showcase for Scanlan.   A day after the burial, she discovers her husband had a secret just twenty-one miles across the English Channel to Calais. In his job as a ferryboat captain, he traveled back and forth to France. Mary is shocked when she finds evidence of a longtime relationship with another woman – Genevieve, who is chic and thin. Mary is heavy and ashamed of it and almost pathologically shy. The film received positive reviews from critics, with high for praise for Khan's direction and Scanlan's performance. Both were nominated at the 75th British BAFTA awards, with Scanlan winning for best actress. After Love has a runtime of 1h 29m and has surprisingly little dialogue. I fear some viewers will not like this feature, but Barbara and I liked the film and were emotionally moved by it. GRADE B+

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