THE APARTMENT 1960/2021 (A 3.99 rental on Amazon Prime) They don’t make movies like that anymore, and it holds up remarkably well. (You don’t even notice it is in black and white.) Jack Lemon and Shirley MacLaine—does it get any better? Billy Wilder wrote the script and it was sharp-witted, painfully honest and quite brilliant. In Rick's Real/Reel Life blog, Rick said, “The Apartment is Billy’s best blend of the comedic and dramatic, as well as gracefully walking the fine line between risqué and raunchy.” (I think the word “raunchy” might have had a different meaning in 1960.) The story is about a man (Lemon) who tries to rise in his company by letting its executives use his apartment for illicit trysts. But, when he falls in love with an elevator operator (MacLaine), things get complicated. It is 1960, after all, and rolodexes and elevator operators were de rigueur. Young people probably don’t remember Jack Lemon and know Shirley MacLaine only as the mother of Elizabeth McGovern’s character in Downton Abbey, but we remember them fondly for their many great roles through the years. It’s no wonder that The Apartment won Best Picture in 1960 and that Billy Wilder won two Oscars, both for writing and directing the movie. I said to Gary as the movie was over, “The ending was perfect. I’m so glad we watched it."  GRADE A