DEREK DELGAUDIO'S IN & OF ITSELF 2020 (a filmed theatre piece on Hulu) Derek DelGaudio gives an intimate and powerful performance that uses art, illusion, slight-of-hand and storytelling to search for the nature of identity. It’s magical how it captures your attention and makes you ponder that age-old question, “Who am I?” It arouses laughter and tears as he involves the audience on his journey. You occasionally find yourself wondering how he does the things he does, and by the end of the piece, you really don’t care. You are mesmerized by the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Granted, seeing it at home can’t compare with seeing it a live theatre production, but the movie is, for now, a good alternative. One critic on Rotten Tomatoes said that the filming techniques “give the film audience a behind the scene view of the audience's experience and reaction.” Gary and I urge everyone who has a subscription to Hulu to see In & Of Itself. If you do, please let us know how it affected you. The experience definitely affected us. GRADE A