DOWNTON ABBEY: A NEW ERA: 2022 (Prime Video rental $5.99) All characters were present in this new Downton Abbey movie sure to please everyone who loved the series. Gary and I are devoted fans, and we loved the movie. Unless you are similarly devoted, you probably won’t get what all the fuss is about. Halfway through, I thought that the Downton well had run dry, but the final scenes made me reconsider. There are two stories: One, a film crew wants to use Downton as the setting for a silent movie. And two, the dowager countess has inherited a villa in the South of France, and the Crawley family goes on a grand journey to see the villa and to uncover the mystery of why the Marquis left it to the countess. Lady Mary remains at Downton to oversee the filming while part of the family, and some of the staff, leave for France. The film crew story, in a twist reminiscent of Singing in the Rain, provided a glimpse of the late 1920s when audiences wanted “talkies,” and explored the problem of a silent era star who had a voice that was not made for talking movies. (It also provided Mr. Mosely with another career and the courage to propose to Phyllis Baxter.) And, although the dowager countess (Maggie Smith) leaves the Downton world, all’s right with the rest of the family: the Earl finds out who his father is, his wife finds that her illness isn’t fatal, and Tom Branson and his new wife (oh yes, the movie begins with a wedding) have a baby. Even Lady Mary is tempted, but doesn’t succumb to an indiscretion. Downstairs, Carson is returning and Thomas Barrow is going off with a movie star. We loved the movie and probably will watch the next one! GRADE A

As Holly V. said in the June issue:

“I think like most of us we can’t get enough of those delightful characters.”

And Denny G. said in the July issue:

“I've adored the brilliant cast over the years - Thank You, Julian Fellowes!”