GILBERT: 2017 (Film available for streaming on Prime Video--$3.99 Rental) Gilbert is a 2017 American documentary about the life and career of an eccentric comedian, Gilbert Gottfried. Gottfried died earlier this month at age 67. I think it would be fair to say that many people were disgusted by and totally turned off by his over-the-top crude humor. It would also be fair to say that many people found him both mind-bendingly funny and disarmingly sweet. The film received 95% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Gottfried was one of those comedians who was often funny not for what he said but for how he said it. The film is a behind-the-stage portrait of a working comedian. It captures the immense affection in which he was held by his wife and children, his fellow comedians, and even strangers in the street. If you don’t remember the name, you would probably remember the voice when you hear it. After a career of playing obnoxious creeps, Gilbert says he feels a bit like an intruder in the apartment he shares with his wife, Dara, and their two young kids.  Having a healthy marital relationship and two loving children is a bit at odds with his personal brand. Dara drags an air-sealed case from beneath their bed to show off her husband’s immense collection of stolen hotel supplies. More than just an eccentric touch, it’s a way of visualizing the years that Gottfried spent traveling the country and telling the same jokes. If you aren’t easily offended by off color jokes, you might find the hour and a half documentary worth your time. Barbara and I did. GRADE B