HERE TODAY: 2021 We saw this new Billy Crystal comedy in a theatre with masks and social distancing. The film was produced, directed and cowritten by Crystal.  A score of 93% from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes indicates it was loved by them, but critics were not as enthusiastic with a score of 48%. Crystal plays Charlie Burnz, an aging comedy-writing legend in the early stages of dementia. Crystal is 71 years young and clearly hasn’t lost his knack for delivering a punch line. Tiffany Haddish plays Emma, a New York singer. They develop an unlikely, but touching friendship. Many critics saw the relationship as hopelessly old-fashioned and manipulative whereas typical audiences more likely saw it as redefining the meaning of friendship, love, and trust. As octogenarian film reviewers, Barbara and I tend to fall somewhere between the two extremes.  The core of the movie is the infectious chemistry between Emma and Charlie which nobody, including them, seems to quite understand.  After meeting cute, they get off to rocky start, but gradually develop a bond that overcomes the generation gap. As expected, there are a lot of laughs. There are also a lot of tears, but I can require a handkerchief when reading a well written phone book so I can’t use that as a criterion when evaluating a film. Here Today is no When Harry Met Sally, but a couple of hours spent with Billy Crystal never felt wasted. GRADE B