EVERY LITTLE STEP: (2009/2020 an Amazon Prime rental.) In the last line of my 2009 review, I wrote, “I’m going to have to see this film again.” Gary and I did, and we loved it, again! I wanted to see it again partly to dull the disappointment of watching the movie A Chorus Line, and to remember the thrill of seeing the musical in New York. It accomplished both those things. The only thing I would do differently is give the movie an A+. Here is my original review: It was exhilarating to watch this terrific documentary. It reminded me of the thrill of seeing the original cast of A Chorus Line on Broadway in 1975. I was so stunned that when the last note sounded, I couldn’t leave my seat. I thought that if I sat there long enough, they might come out and do it again. Every Little Step documents the casting process, starting in 2006, for a Broadway revival of A Chorus Line. It also contains some footage of the original cast and portions of an audio tape that Michael Bennet made of the confessions, dreams and fears of dancers he interviewed. He turned their reflections into a show that ran for 15 years and collected just about every prize there is. A Chorus Line was an international phenomenon, and the emotions that made it so special are present in this documentary. I am in awe of the dedication these dancers have to their dream of “making it” on Broadway, and their desperate need to be chosen. The documentary follows several of the dancers auditioning for parts. Some make it, some don’t. Jason Tan’s audition for the part of Paul, is breathtaking. No wonder they signed him up immediately. When we saw the original musical, Gary and I wondered if it would have as powerful an impact on people who had never auditioned for part in a show. Apparently, it did. The show has been running somewhere in the world ever since it premiered. While most people don’t share that same experience, everyone goes through an audition process when interviewing for a job, or getting up to speak in front of a group, or going on a first date. I think everyone can empathize with these dancers. I’m going to have to see this film again. We both give it high marks. GRADE A

Aaron Paul

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