THE DIG: (2021 available for streaming on Netflix) Don’t let the title scare you away. The Dig is an endearing story adapted from a work of fiction by John Preston which itself was based on real events. Two amateur archaeologists uncover one of the greatest finds of the twentieth century. The acting elevates this already fascinating story. Ralph Fiennes plays Basil Brown, a humble self-taught archeologist, and Carey Mulligan plays Edith Pretty, a widowed landowner who hires Brown to excavate some mysterious mounds on her estate. It is the 1930s and war is right around the corner. The film is a reminder that the past lives on through the things we leave behind. As you might expect, there’s a lot of digging in The Dig. That could be boring; But Barbara and I didn’t find it so. The excavation of an Anglo-Saxon ship from the Dark Ages, the wealth of treasures found on board, and the added urgency of a looming war helped. But a well written screenplay, masterful direction, and a talented cast earned the movie 86% from both critics and audiences. GRADE A-