THE DUKE: 2022 (Available for $4.99 rental on Prime Video.)  This is a witty comedy/drama that would be easy to overlook, but a lot of fun for those who invest a little time. Runtime 1h 36m. In the lead is British character actor Jim Broadbent playing Kempton Bunton, a gentle but scheming miscreant who believes crime is justified if it serves a greater purpose. Helen Mirren is cast as his endlessly exasperated wife, Dolly Bunton. She works as a charwoman and baby sitter to support the household. This must be the only movie in Helen Mirren’s filmography in which she can be seen scrubbing a toilet. You can never go far wrong with Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren as your leads. The film tells an entertainingly improbable uplifting tale that happens to be absolutely true. In 1961, Kempton Bunton (Broadbent), a 60-year old taxi driver, confessed to stealing a Goya portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London. It was the first (and remains the only) theft in the Gallery's history. Kempton anonymously let it be known to the authorities that the painting would be returned in exchange for the elderly no longer having to purchase a government license in order to own a TV set. The Duke isn’t just British, it’s Birmingham British, with thick accents that swallow entire sentences before our dull American ears can understand what we just heard. Fortunately Prime Video provides easily read closed captions. The National Gallery theft was the talk of the town, and a media sensation, especially when Bunton’s anonymous ransom notes demanded Free Television for Old Age Pensioners and War veterans. Barb and I agree that if the first half of The Duke were as good as the second half, it would easily be an A film. But we did like it. GRADE B+