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SAVING PRIVATE RYAN: 1998/2023 (Recorded from HBO) I started my 1998 review like this: Spielberg has once again proved that he is a master filmmaker. He may also be the world’s moral conscience. He has produced an amazing movie that is arguably the finest and most realistic WWII film ever made. The D Day scenes are stunning. They are harrowing to watch and difficult to forget. Who will ever be able to forget the blood red waves lapping on the shore of Omaha beach. It still stunned us today! And Tom Hanks, as Captain Miller, and Matt Damon as Private James Ryan are remarkable, as are all the men in Miller’s company. It’s an ensemble piece, as the men in Miller’s company storm the beach in the first wave to hit the coast. Capt. Miller is charged with finding Private Ryan because his three brothers have died in combat and the powers that be don’t want another Sullivan’s disaster. (The five Sullivan brothers were all assigned to the same ship. They were all killed in action when the ship was torpedoed and sunk off Guadalcanal.) The last fight in the movie was defending a bridge in a town in France, and it perfectly shows both the horror of war and the courage and bravery of the men that fight the battles. Gary and I agreed on a grade of A in 1998. Today, we agree on A+. GRADE A+

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