THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER: 2018 (Available for streaming on NETFLIX) Starring American actress and filmmaker Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Kindergarten Teacher is an English-language remake of a dark Israeli comedy. It is advertised as a psychological character study with a lot to say but no easy answers. Professional Critics seemed to love it earning 90% on the Tomatometer, but only a 68% Audience Score. I must warn you that Barbara and I did not find it an easy film to embrace. Gyllenhaal plays Lisa Spinelli a Staten Island teacher who is devoted to her students. When she discovers one of her five-year-olds is a prodigy she becomes fascinated with the boy, ultimately risking her family and freedom to nurture his talent. What plays out as a drama for the first hour, turns into an uncomfortable thriller as lines start getting crossed. Despite an excellent performance from Maggie Gyllenhaal we found the film slow moving and not as watchable as we expected. GRADE B-