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FARAWAY: 2023 (Netflix) RT 67/90 I was getting tired of these critically acclaimed movie that audiences and I don’t care for, so I watched Netflix’s Faraway, which got a 67% from the critics on RT and 90% from the audience. It’s a German romantic comedy movie that follows a woman named Zeynep, who is tired of being pushed over by almost everyone in her family, including her husband, daughter, and her aging father. Things worsen when her mother dies, and the funeral becomes a complete mess, leading her to escape the city and move to an island, where she inherited a house her mother bought years ago. Upon reaching the house, Zeynep realizes that the former owner Josip still resides on the same property, which opens a new door of opportunities for both of them. (You know the movie’s a rom-com because the two leads don’t like each other at first.) The movie was filmed in Munich and the Croatian island of Šolta, which has picturesque landscapes, open waters, and plenty of goats. Filmed originally in English, Netflix users are given several options. We chose to watch in English, but with English subtitles, because Zeynep and her family speak in German and Josip and others on the island speak Croatian. Gary and I were charmed with Naomi Krauss, who played Zeynep, and Goran Bogdan, who played Josip, and the talented ensemble surrounding them. It ends happily, as rom-coms do, and we liked the movie. GRADE B

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