FIRST COW: (2020) To say this independent film is incredibly slow may seem like an understatement to those who choose to rent it on Amazon Prime as Barb and I did. Critics loved it, and it received 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences were less enthusiastic at 56%. The writer (Jonathan Raymond) and woman director (Kelly Reichardt) teamed on another unusual movie. Meeks Cutoff (2010). I opened our review of that film with the following: We’re used to stories that have a beginning, middle and an end. Meek’s Cutoff has only a middle. See the full review of that film in the Movie Views Archives. First Cow is set in the Pacific Northwest as was Meeks Cutoff. The film opens in present day as a young woman walking her dog in the woods uncovers two skeletons. The story then flashes back 200 years to early 19th-century Oregon Territory. It is a simple story about friendship and survival in a harsh environment. One might also describe it as a tale of capitalistic hustle on the frontier. Two gentle souls trying to get by in the wild frontier come up with a “get rich quick” scheme that boils down to stealing milk from a rich man’s cow in order to bake tasty pastries that they sell to prospectors. The rich man, played by British actor Toby Jones, owns the only cow in town. Be warned that many scenes are shot in very little light. Barely seeing shadowy figures in the dark might work on the big screen, but on a TV it can be frustrating. I give the film a slightly higher grade than Barbara. GRADE C/C+