NOMADLAND: 2021 (Available for streaming on Hulu) After winning awards at both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals it received a five star review from Bill Goodykoontz in the Arizona Republic. Frances McDormand delivers a powerhouse performance in what many critics are labeling one of the best films of the year. It is a leisurely-paced but compelling movie. McDormand plays Fern, a woman who embarks on a journey through the American West in a van after losing her job and husband during a long and difficult economic recession. She finds a new life away from what society usually dictates. Fern becomes a nomad with a life on the road that may not end. The movie is based on a 2017 book by Jessica Bruder with the same title. Ultimately there is not much of a plot, yet the movie remains compelling thanks to the performances of McDormand, David Strathairn in a supporting role, and a cast almost entirely comprised of nomads found on the fly. Breathtaking majestic landscapes and gorgeous watercolor sunsets help as well, although I’m sure they are not as majestic as they would have been on a big screen. Nomadland beautifully captures the restlessness many people feel when their life seems meaningless. Barbara and I liked the movie a lot but as she commented, it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. It is a difficult film to evaluate.  GRADE B+