THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES (2017/2020 on Netflix) We re-watched this movie which we had seen before. We enjoyed it the second time around although it was vaguely (very vaguely, I must admit) familiar. We’ll let our original review stand, since when we talked about what we would grade the movie, we settled on a B+. That’s what we gave it the first time. We were again fascinated by the subtle intricacies of the Meyerowitz family dynamics. -- THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES (New and Selected) (2017) We watched this interesting movie on Netflix. The description on Imdb is: An estranged family gathers together for an event celebrating the artistic work of their father. Dustin Hoffman plays Harold Meyerowtiz, the father, and Adam Sandler, as Danny, and Ben Stiller, as Matthew, are his two sons. They are half-brothers because Harold was married four times. Danny has a sister, Jean (Elizabeth Marvel). All three children suffered from living with Harold, who was more invested in his sculpture than he was in his kids. Emma Thomson plays Harold’s current alcoholic wife, and Candice Bergen is Matthew’s mother. Judd Hirsch plays an artist friend who has achieved more success than Harold. The college from which Harold retired is holding the retrospective of the work of several ex-professors. The complicated relationships of this unusual family are brought to vivid life by writer/director Noah Baumback and the actors who were universally impressive. We were particularly impressed with Sandler and Stiller. Both Gary and I highly recommend this film which got a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. GRADE B+