LADY J: (2018 streamed from Netflix) Barbara and I streamed this subtitled French drama about infidelity, passion, and revenge. Costumes are gorgeous and pacing is leisurely as the story zigzags its way to a surprising ending. The promotional material suggested that anyone who loved the Hollywood film Dangerous Liaisons (1988) should rush to cue up Lady J.  Both films are set in the same time period with similarly decadent story lines and snappy repartee. Lady J stars a young widow who, against her better judgment, falls head-over-heels in love with a libertine rake. It would be criminal to reveal much more. Suffice it to say that the story cleverly warns libertines who take advantage of women that they may be dealt a well-deserved comeuppance. It also leaves us with an equally valid lesson that revenge does not always lead to the expected outcome. The Tomatometer, only based on twelve critical reviews, yielded 83%. We liked the film, but not as well as Dangerous Liaisons. GRADE B   (Barbara thought the film lost something on a small screen.)