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MY OLD SCHOOL: 2022 (Available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video) In 1993, 16-year-old Brandon Lee enrolled at Bearsden Academy, a secondary school in a well-to-do suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. What followed over the next two years would become the stuff of legend. My Old School unravels an astonishing true story of a bright student who surprised teachers with a wealth of knowledge that seemed beyond his years. Brandon found friends despite his initial awkwardness, and even starred in the school's production of South Pacific. The story of Brandon’s time at Bearsden and his unmasking are told through a combination of present-day interviews with Brandon’s classmates and teachers, cartoon recreations, and archival footage. The film is both a documentary on the art of deception and an investigation on expectations, and survival. Brandon, at age 32, was twice the age of the students in his class. I have to confess that I found reading about the film was more interesting than watching it. I thought the second half of My Old School, after Brandon’s secrets were revealed, more interesting than the first half. Critics liked the film. It received 92% from 99 reviews on the Tomatometer. Barbara thought the movie felt too long and I have to agree with her. GRADE C+

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