WEST SIDE STORY: 2021 (Seen in a movie theatre.) We went to see Spielberg's updated version of West Side Story. We wanted to love it, but, sadly, we did not. Here’s what we did like: It was an inspired bit of casting to include Rita Moreno (the original Anita) in the cast. She was glorious playing Valentina, the widow of Doc, the owner of the candy store where the Sharks and the Jets hung out. (Moreno said that Tony Kusher, who wrote the screenplay, wrote the part especially for her.) Her reprise of “Somewhere” was the highlight of the show for us. We also liked that all the boys in the Sharks, as well as their girlfriends, were played by Latinos. The setting of the original play was the neighborhood of San Juan Hill, on the southern end of the Upper West Side, that was razed to build Lincoln Center. Spielberg used the actual demolition of San Juan Hill, creating a bombed-out look that worked perfectly.  There was a brilliant overhead shot of the Rumble, letting their shadows precede them as the Jets and Sharks prepare to fight. And we liked Rachel Zegler as Maria. She was gorgeous and had a beautiful voice that fit the iconic songs. What we didn’t like: It didn’t bring any new insights into the Romeo and Juliette story that has delighted audiences since 1957. The story of the fear that “others” would take over is directly from current time. The fact that the boys from the Jets and Sharks carried Tony’s dead body away doesn’t hold out much hope that things will ever change. We liked much of what Spielberg did, but we didn’t love it. GRADE B