MY OCTOPUS TEACHER: (2020) Barbara and I streamed this fascinating film on Netflix. It is not your typical nature documentary. You will, no doubt, learn a great deal about one of natures’ most unusual creatures, but the film is also an intimate diary of a marine biologist who emerges from a dark period in his life when he lost his passion for filmmaking.  Craig Foster, wildlife filmmaker gives us a gripping tale of a friendship that grew between a human and a mollusk. Retreating from life’s problems, he returned to a favorite location from his youth: the stormy South African shore where he spent his boyhood summers decades earlier. Swimming daily in the extremely cold water (around 48 degrees F.} without wetsuit or scuba gear he had to resurface regularly to take a fresh breath. While exploring the kelp forest on the ocean floor, he meets a resourceful and friendly young octopus. He spends nearly a year visiting her daily, and the relationship affects him deeply. He eventually wins the animal's trust and they develop a never before seen bond between human and an octopus. We found the film informative and touching. GRADE B+