PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN (2020, a $19.95 rental on Amazon Prime.) I hesitate to say anything about this movie for fear of giving away the plot and the shocking ending. I will say this: Cassie works by day in a coffee shop, but she is living a secret double life by night. We soon learn that she was a student who dropped out of medical school for an unknown reason. That reason, which we learn slowly throughout the movie, is the motivation for Cassie’s nighttime activities. I will gladly talk about Carey Mulligan’s stunning performance as Cassie. It left an indelible and haunting impression on Gary and me. In the words of one of our favorite critics, Richard Roeper, “…an astonishingly powerful, deeply layered performance by Carey Mulligan.” We first saw her in 2009’s An Education, but it wasn’t until two years later, with her performance in Shame, that we became fans. Since then, she has built a commendable career and some consider her, deservedly we think, one of the best actresses working today. We are doing a Carey Mulligan retrospective this month, having watched her in The Dig, and we are planning on watching her in 2018’s Wildlife. GRADE A

Note: We saw Wildlife. The review is in the Archives