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TINA: 2021 (Available for streaming on MAX) Tina Turner, a music legend known as the "Queen of Rock 'n' Roll", died yesterday. It seems like a perfect time to view and review the 2021 documentary titled simply: Tina. Spanning six decades, we hear from Tina a wealth of never-before-seen film footage, audio tapes, personal photos, and interviews. Told in five powerful acts, the film presents a mesmerizing, account of her life and career. The film recounts the ups and downs of the singer's life with candor and insight. It acknowledges the extreme abuse inflicted upon her during her 16 years of marriage to her former husband, Ike Turner. But this documentary is so much more than the mental and sexual abuse inflicted upon her by her former husband. We also see a women stand up to her abuser publicly giving other women the courage to do the same. Following her divorce, she started again with little more than her name. It wasn’t easy, but her remarkable rebirth took her to “a record-breaking queen of rock ‘n’ roll.” It was one of the greatest comebacks in music history. This documentary was Tina”s way of saying thank you — and goodbye — to all of us. Barbara and I loved the film. GRADE A

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