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RETURN TO SEOUL 2022 (Available for rental on Prime Video $3.99) After an impulsive travel decision, a twenty-five-year-old French woman (Freddie) returns to Korea, the country where she was born before being adopted and raised by a French couple. She decides to track down her biological parents, but her journey takes a surprising turn. Even though Korea was her birth country, it was a country she knew little about. Freddie is told she can only contact her biological parents through the Hammond Adoption Center. She goes to Hammond and learns that the agency can send telegrams to her parents, who can respond and allow Hammond to arrange for a rendezvous or ask Hammond not to contact them again, a request Hammond must honor. Freddie asks the Adoption Center to send the telegrams. I won’t ruin the story by trying to summarize the many twists and turns, but I will say that the movie is based on a true story. Critics loved Return to Seoul earning an impressive 98% on the Tomatometer and 92% Audience Score. It is a French film and the language spoken is mostly French or Korean with occasional English. English subtitles translate the Korean and French. Barb and I wish they had provided English subtitles even when they spoke English since we often had difficulty with the accents. We liked the film even though we may have missed some of the subtleties in the translation. GRADE B

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