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TICKET TO PARADISE: 2022 ( Seen in a real movie theatre.) I am fast becoming a fan of Kaitlyn Dever, who was the star of Rosaline, reviewed in last month’s issue. In this movie, she plays the daughter of George Clooney and Julia Roberts and she is as adorable and as good as she was in Roseline. (We first noticed her in the series Unbelievable. If you haven’t seen that series, go to Netflix and check it out. You will see an actor of tremendous range in one so young.) When Lily (Dever) graduates from college she is apprehensive because her long divorced and embittered parents have to sit next to each other. But, this is a romantic comedy, so you know at the beginning that at the end of the movie, her parents will get back together. It is wildly implausible but entertaining nevertheless because the people are enjoyable to watch and Bali has gorgeous scenery. We didn’t like it quite as much as MV reader Art S., IN (reviewed in the last issue) did, but Gary and I do like Clooney and Roberts. As Art said in his review, “It made you yearn for the old time Hollywood movies that took your mind off things for a couple of hours with celluloid bliss.” GRADE B

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