SOMETIMES ALWAYS NEVER: (2020 seen on Amazon Prime rental $6.99) First you should know that this is a strange film. It is an offbeat quirky British dramedy that won’t appeal to everyone. Some will find the slow pace intolerable while others will be charmed by the whimsical emotional journey, expertly lead by Bill Nighy and a uniformly strong cast of actors. The film takes its title from the rules a man must follow when buttoning up a suit jacket which has little or nothing to do with story. The plot centers on Alan (Nighy) and his family’s search for his long lost son, Michael, who stormed out of the house during an argument in the middle of a game of Scrabble. Incidentally, your love of this movie will be helped if you are a Scrabble enthusiast or at least have some familiarity with the game. You may even pick up some high-scoring words to play in your next game. Barbara and I are enthusiastic Bill Nighy fans and are usually taken with British comedy. We enjoyed this ninety minute ride with one of our favorite actors. Grade B+