TOGETHER TOGETHER 2021 This is a most unusual romcom with no happily ever after. We stayed for the filmed Q and A afterwards, and the writer/director of the movie, Nikole Beckwith, said that there is romance in falling in “friend love.” The average audience is obsessed with happily ever after and the typical romcom has it, but people come in and out of our lives and who is to say that friendship isn’t romantic. Ed Helms plays Matt, a forty-something man who would like to become a single father. The first time we see Anna (Patty Harrison), who is a twenty-something woman, she hopes to become Matt’s surrogate. Over the course of nine months we see them come together as loving friends. We don’t know what their relationship will be after the baby is born, but the beauty of their connection is not diminished by that lack of knowledge. Gary and I were delighted by this unconventional and poignant story. Gary doesn’t care much for Ed Helms, so he was apprehensive about the film, but afterwards he said that Helms had found the perfect role and that he was perfect in it. We both liked Patty Harrison, and thought she was exce;;ent in the role of Anna. The supporting cast, which included a number of comics, was equally excellent. (We saw Together Together in a movie theater with only one other couple present.) GRADE B+