A LOVE SONG 2022 (Seen in a movie theatre) The movie opens with a weathered-looking woman (Dale Dickey) camping out in the Colorado backcountry. It slowly becomes apparent that she is waiting for somebody. That somebody eventually appears and it is an old classmate and first love, played by Wes Studi. That’s not what the movie is about, though. It’s really about loneliness and acceptance of the way things are. The setting is lovely: mountains, a lake with crawdads, surrounded by a desert in bloom. Faye and Lito have both been married but their beloved spouses have died many years before. Ty  Burr said, “The movies rarely tell us stories about older people, what they hold close and what they’ve learned to let go, and first-time writer-director Max Walker-Silverman handcrafts A Love Song both for Dickey and for us.” It is a quiet movie and the dialogue is spare, but Gary and I loved it. GRADE A

Note:  Art S. reviewed A Love Song in this issue in Readers’ Views. His review is excellent!