UNDEFEATED (2012/2020 on Netflix): After watching Friday Night Lights for 5 seasons, Gary and I decided to watch a real high school football team. The coach of the Manassas High School in North Memphis, TN is Bill Courtney. He isn’t as pretty as Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) but he is one hell of the football coach, and he is real. Like Taylor, he cares about his players and wants them to succeed in life as well as on the football team. Since its founding in 1899, Manassas has never won a playoff game. In 2009 they seem to have a chance to break their school’s 110-year losing streak. Nurturing his players and teaching them to think like a team and to never quit, Coach Courtney has a positive effect on these kids from an inner-city high school. We agree with the UK critic who said, “You'd have to find heroic reserves of cynicism not to care at all about the precarious fortunes of these unformed bruisers.” Like their coach, we did care about them and believe they are truly undefeated. GRADE A